Law of the Republic of Armenia on citizenship of the Republic of Armenia


A person of Armenian heritage may acquire Armenian citizenship pursuant to a simplified procedure.

How to apply?

The applicant must appear to the Embassy in person and should bring the following original documents and copies with translations and legalizations*:

A prior appointment is required before visiting the Consular section of the Embassy.

Required documents:

- Passport  (photo page must be translated, validated by a notary and authenticated with Canadian Foreign Affairs) 
- Letter to the President of Armenia (can be handwritten)
- Application form
- 6 passport type colour photos (35x45mm)
- Government issued Birth certificate (must be translated, validated by a notary and authenticated with Canadian Foreign Affairs).
- In case the government issued Birth Certificate does not state one's Armenian origin, a special letter from Armenian Church must be provided (important).
- Marriage certificate, if the spouse is a citizen of Armenia
- Copy of the Armenian passport (only the page with photo) of spouse
- 2 USD money order or certified check payable to the Embassy of Armenia.

Armenian citizenship is granted by a decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

Children under the age of 18 of the parents who have acquired Armenian citizenship can automaticaly obtain Armenian citizenship by applying for an Armenian passport without passing the citizenship procedure.

The applicant must appear in person to the Police and Passports Department of the Republic of Armenia and receive the passport of citizenship personally (13a Mashtots, Yerevan, RA. Tel: 37410-534391, 37410-521416).

*Please be advised that all documents in English must be translated into Armenian by a notary then legalized by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada (no fee). The final legalization will be done by the Embassy of Armenia in Ottawa (legalization fee for each document is 12 USD - payable by money order or PayPal).

Notary services in Toronto (Armenian, English, Russian languages)
Armen Karapetyan
3200 Dufferin Str.
Suite 504
Tel: 416-398-4044 (26)

Authentication Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada

111 Sussex drive, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G2                                                                             Tel: 613 944 4000
Open from Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 15.00

For British Columbia:

Ministry of Justice
Order in Council Office - Attention: Authentication Clerk
1001 Douglas Street (PO Box 9280 Stn Prov Govt)
Victoria, BC V8W 2C5 Canada
Direct line: 250-387-4376,


Unilateral renunciation of Armenian citizenship or acquisition of the citizenship of another state do not automatically lead to the loss of Armenian citizenship.


How to terminate Armenian citizenship (in Armenian)

Citizenship termination form



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